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Men Parajumpers Masterpiece Right Hand Black

For the last 10 years or so we have had 3 key brands fighting for marketplace dominance in the higher echelon winter parka category. Most will already know these brands – Canada Goose, Moncler and sale Parajumpers . I’ve known them all for a good 10 years at least possibly 20 or more for Goose and Moncler.
I think around 7 years ago now I ventured out to buy a quality parka – Moncler had a shop on Sloane street still, and Canada Goose was stocked in Harrods and Harvey Nicks, replica Parajumpers I could only find on the Internet really, although there were a couple of sometime stockists in the North of England, but with very little choice, and never the right size available.

I started on Sloane street and tried a number of coats in the Moncler store. Whatever I tried either pinched under the armpits – sleeves seemed very narrow cut too with little room for manoeuvre and alsoe had weird radial movement for the shoulders – a similar problem I have encountered with some designs of Belstaff jackets – in that it is somewhat and somehow difficult to lift your arms above your head – those jackets seem to be cut in such a way as to restrict movement. In any case I did my usual 5 Fs checks at Moncler (Fabric, Fit, Finish, Form, Function) and for whatever reason I wasn’t quite feeling it. I could not put my finger on it entirely, but a big part of it was the restrictive movement – and the fabric seemed prone to creasing too if I remember correctly.
So I next shot down the secret short-cut route to Harrods (Basil Street) and had a look in their menswear section for Canada Goose. There was a reasonable selection available and fit and finish seemed really good – they’re cut a lot looser than Moncler. The fabric also seemed more hard-wearing, and overall the garment looked like it would last longer and feel more comfortable than the Moncler, so nothing wrong with the quality here or any of the 5 Fs exactly. Yet there was something here that I felt that was missing – if you remove the badge from a Canada Goose coat, they’re mostly really standard and quite plain looking – there is no clever detailing or particularly smart technical features – it’s all a little plain vanilla. Canada Goose seems to be the most popular at the moment – particularly with the hip-hop and grime fraternities, but I don’t really see sufficient design differentiation – it seems to be all about the badge somehow?

I bought my last winter jacket – real winter jacket – about four years ago. I didn’t need one the past year because I left Berlin in February to go to Australia, but this year I definitely needed a new one. I think it’s always difficult to make a decision when it comes to winter jackets. Usually, the ones that are really warm are very expensive, an investment piece you want to wear a couple of winters. So how to make a decision? I always thought about buying Woolrich, but I heard a lot of negative feedback lately and just saw too many people wearing a Woolrich jacket, so I didn’t want to invest in one anymore. The other brands that came to my mind are Canada Goose, Moncler and perfect Parajumpers . As you can see, I chose copy Parajumpers at the end. Why? Because my boyfriend has a fake Parajumpers jacket as well and he is very satisfied. He’s wearing it the third winter now, and it still looks very good and keeps him warm. I found this one online – at a reduced rate – and I couldn’t say no. This is not a sponsored post, it’s my honest opinion, and I decided to share it with you because I thought it could be very helpful for you as well. 🙂 Winter is almost over, but you could take advantage of the winter sales and already buy a nice winter jacket for next season.